The Bordet office

The Bordet office

The Bordet office was established in 1976 and has positioned itself as a true partner at your service :

  • First line legal service provided by over 80 highly qualified and experienced employees.
  • Service at the level of the assessment of the debtors’ creditworthiness (screening / scoring) provided by a unique system combining our in-house database and external databases.
  • Claim recovery service, through amicable or legal proceedings.


The office was established by Mr. Alain Bordet as an independent person, to be organised under the form of a private limited civil company in 2002.

Since its creation, the office has developed by instilling to all its members a three-pronged work philosophy:

  • maximum recovery and minimum expenses;
  • respect for the clients and upright defence of their interests
  • rigorous respect for the debtors and continuous search for the best and most efficient solutions to their repayment problems and difficulties

It has always positioned itself as a true partner: it does not only work FOR YOU, but above all TOGETHER WITH YOU.

Following Mr. Bordet’s death on 20/11/2016, the office is currently led by Mr. Arnaud Dumont.

The latter further develops the office while guaranteeing respect for this three-pronged philosophy.

Legal contact details

Private limited company S.C-S.P.R.L. Alain Bordet, Judicial Officer

Registered office/place of business : Quai des Ardennes 118-119, 4031 Liège

Reg. Civ. Soc. Liège : n° 1415 – Company number : 0478.382.719

VAT registration number : BE 0478.382.719

Social security registration number : 1280407-75

IBAN : BE58 0689 0930 2679



S.C.-S.P.R.L. Alain Bordet
Judicial Officers

Quai des Ardennes 118-119,
4031 Angleur – Liège

Legal notices

Company Number : 0478.382.719
VAT Number : BE 0478382719
Reg. Civ. Comp. Liège : n° 1415

BE58 0689 0930 2679

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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
Our country is still facing the problem of Covid-19. We and our constituents try to take into account the different family and professional situations of each of us as much as possible.
If you have received an invitation to pay or a deed from us, we would like to keep your attention to the following points:

- If you do not belong to an affected sector (hotel and catering industry, events sector, economic unemployment, etc.): we invite you to pay as soon as possible, so that you can avoid additional costs.
- If you are part of an affected sector and you are unable to pay: contact us immediately so that together we can find the most appropriate solution, as far as possible, while taking into account your personal situation.
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