The Bordet office

The Bordet office

The Bordet office was established in 1976 and has positioned itself as a true partner at your service :

  • First line legal service provided by 75 highly qualified and experienced employees.
  • Service at the level of the assessment of the debtors’ creditworthiness (screening / scoring) provided by a unique system combining our in-house database and external databases.
  • Claim recovery service, through amicable or legal proceedings.


The office was established by Mr. Alain Bordet as an independent person, to be organised under the form of a private limited civil company in 2002.

Since its creation, the office has developed by instilling to all its members a three-pronged work philosophy:

  • maximum recovery and minimum expenses;
  • respect for the clients and upright defence of their interests
  • rigorous respect for the debtors and continuous search for the best and most efficient solutions to their repayment problems and difficulties

It has always positioned itself as a true partner: it does not only work FOR YOU, but above all TOGETHER WITH YOU.

Following Mr. Bordet’s death on 20/11/2016, the office is currently led by Mr. Arnaud Dumont.

The latter further develops the office while guaranteeing respect for this three-pronged philosophy.

Legal contact details

Private limited company S.C-S.P.R.L. Alain Bordet, Judicial Officer

Registered office/place of business : Quai des Ardennes 118-119, 4031 Liège

Reg. Civ. Soc. Liège : n° 1415 – Company number : 0478.382.719

VAT registration number : BE 0478.382.719

Social security registration number : 1280407-75

IBAN : BE58 0689 0930 2679



S.C.-S.P.R.L. Alain Bordet
Judicial Officers

Quai des Ardennes 118-119,
4031 Angleur - Liège

Legal notices

Company Number : 0478.382.719
VAT Number : BE 0478382719
Reg. Civ. Comp. Liège : n° 1415

BE58 0689 0930 2679

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