The judicial officer

Assignments and powers

The judicial officers are assigned with missions for which they are solely competent, must compulsorily perform their tasks (unless exceptions as provided for by the law) and must apply the rates as imposed be law.

These are the judicial officer’s monopolistic competences:

  • Service of all instruments and enforcement of legal decisions as well as all acts or titles in enforceable form;
  • Purely material reports;
  • Judicial public sales and amicable public sales of real estate;
  • Voluntary public sales of real estate;
  • Consultation of the notices of seizure, assignment, cession and collective settlement of debts and of protest;
  • Filing, removal and modification of the notices of seizure, assignment, cession and collective settlement of debts and of protest in the missions assigned to them and in which they have been appointed.

The judicial officers also have residual competences for which they have no monopoly neither obligation to perform:

  • Amicable debt recovery;
  • Creditworthiness enquiries, issuance of heritage reports;
  • Releasing of the issuances, of the copies and extracts of all trial documents and filing of the applications he is entitled to sign according to the law, as well as lodging at the registry of all other applications;
  • Issuance of tax certificates for the irrecoverable claims;
  • Verification of the conformity of the copies and of the translations of documents in his possession;
  • Drawing up of extracts of all instruments he is competent for;
  • Intervention as a receiver;
  • Intervention as a liquidator;
  • Business mediation or legal representation in the framework of the law of 31 January 2009 on business continuity;
  • Interim administration of property;
  • Estimation of the value of furniture and equipment and assistance to the legal guardians as to the inventory and enforcement of bankruptcy;
  • Legal advice concerning the rights, duties and charges following the legal acts to which they take part;
  • Monitoring of the authorised lotteries and contests.


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