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The aim of the GDPR is the harmonisation within the European Union of the rules intended to protect the European citizens’ personal data. This regulation covers the protection of the individual personal data in the broadest sense of the word, regardless of their form or nature: private, professional, public.

The GDPR was approved in April 2016 and this regulation has been fully applicable since the 25th of May 2018 at midnight in all the countries of the Union.

It applies to all the private or public undertakings of the 28 Member States, but also to the companies which are not established in the European Union as soon as they collect and process personal data about EU residents.

It is the continuity of the obligations to which the judicial officers are already subject and in particular the law of 08 December 1992 on protection of privacy, the provisions of the Criminal Code and the provisions relating to professional secrecy.

We are aware of it that you trust us and therefore, we consider it is our responsibility to protect your privacy.

Therefore, more than ever before, the protection of your data is one of our priorities. All of the information collected by our office is processed in strict compliance with the GDPR.

For any request concerning the GDPR, please contact us exclusively via

By using the website, you agree with our privacy policy.


  • Controller: the person who defines the purpose and the resources available for the processing of the personal data ;
  • Website: site on which you have entered your personal data ;
  • Data subject: any natural person entering personal data on the website ;
  • Interactive use: any use of the website during which you actively enter personal data on the website, for instance by completing an electronic form ;
  • Non-interactive use: any use which cannot be considered as an interactive use ;
    Law on protection of privacy: the law of 8 December 1992 on protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data;
  • GDPR: The GDPR, meaning « General Data Protection Regulation », is a set of rules aiming at the protection of the European citizens. This regulation covers the protection of the individual personal data in the broadest sense of the word, regardless of their form or nature: private, professional, public. The GDPR was approved in April 2016 and this regulation has been fully applicable since the 25th of May 2018 at midnight in all the countries of the Union.


Any visit to and use of the website are subject to the present privacy policy. If applicable, entering personal data on the site implies that the user / the data subject has actually had knowledge of this privacy policy and agrees with its content. This applies to his/her explicit consent with the processing of his personal data he/she actively enters on the site, through an electronic form completed by him/her or in any other way.

This privacy policy can be amended without prior notice. We therefore advise you to consult it each time you visit this website.
Should you need more information about this privacy policy or if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the following address:


This website is owned by the private company S.C.-S.P.R.L. Judicial Officer Alain Bordet, who is also in charge of its management. Its registered office is established in 4031 Angleur, at 118-119 Quai des Ardennes. In the framework of this privacy policy and of the GDPR, the office shall be considered as the controller.


In the case of a purely non-interactive visit to this website, no personal data are processed in the sense of the law on protection of privacy and of the GDPR.

In the case of an interactive visit to this website, the personal data entered by the data subjects are processed. In case of such use, the data subject unequivocally gives his/her consent for the processing of the personal data he/she has entered.

The controller processes the personal data entered and received via this website for the following reasons:

  • Communication with the data subject ;
  • Management of the profile of the data subject ;
  • Exercise of the rights of the data subject ;
  • Information of the data subject ;
  • Accessibility of the website (cookies).


In the framework of an interactive as well as non-interactive use of the website, we make use of ‘cookies’. Speaking generally, these record the data concerning the surfing behaviour of the data subject on this website (consulted pages, consultation date and hour, search criteria used, …).

These data allow the website to recognise the user on a next visit. You can refuse the use of the cookies via the configuration menu of your internet browser by modifying therein the parameters relating to the cookies.


The data subject is entitled to obtain information about:

  • The existence or not of any processing of his personal data (1) ;
  • The concrete purpose of such processing (2);
  • The data involved by such processing (3);
  • The addressees to whom the personal data are forwarded (4) ;
  • The possibility of submitting complaints in the hands of the Data protection authority.
  • The exercise of above rights, through a request, is not relevant as to items (2) (3) and (4), to the extent the processing results from legal missions performed by the office.

At the request of the data subjects, the personal data that concern them will be communicated to them in an understandable and transparent language, as well as the information available about the source of the information.

Besides, the data subject is entitled to correct, free of charge, the personal data concerning him/her.

For the purpose of exercising one or more of his/her rights referred to in the law on protection of privacy and/or in the GDPR, the data subject shall make a written request and supply a copy of his/her identity card (front and rear side) to the controller. The following options are available to the data subject to submit his request:

  • By letter: Etude Bordet, quai des Ardennes, 118-119, 4031 Angleur ;
  • By mail :
    The information will be communicated to the data subject not later than 30 working days after receipt of the written application. In case of repeated requests concerning the same data (already supplied), administration expenses can be invoiced. Besides, in case of obviously unfounded or excessive requests, the office reserves the right to refuse to grant the request.

Finally, if there are doubts about the applicant’s identity, the office can request the data subject to appear in person at the office for sake of verification.


Owing to technical and organisational safety measures, we are able to guarantee the security and protection of your personal data. Solely the personnel members who have a link with the processing of such data have exclusive access to the personal data.

All the servers used for the processing of the personal data are located in secure data centres in Belgium, managed in a professional way. The personal data that we process never leave the territory of the Union.


The processed personal data are saved in a secure environment. The employees involved in the processing of the personal data are contractually bound by very strict confidentiality rules. In order to guarantee the safety and protection of the processed personal data, the following safety measures have been taken:

  • Solely the authorised staff have access to the personal data ;
  • Solely the persons processing the personal data have access thereto;
  • Logistic and IT protection;
  • Use of passwords ;
  • Firewall ;
  • Adapted technical and organisational safety measures in keeping with the GDPR.


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