Amicable recovery of debts

Some of your claims remain unpaid ? The individual / legal person owing money to you does not follow up your proceedings and payment reminders ? You want to move up a gear in the recovery of your claims but don’t consider initiating Court proceedings for the moment ?

The Bordet office can take action effectively for you as soon as at the amicable stage by addressing a formal notice to the opposing party.

The quality of the judicial officers as claim recovery professionals needs no further demonstration. Sending a formal notice on headed paper of the Bordet office is likely to have you debtors react (voluntary payment, proposal of a payment plan, etc.).

The Bordet office also monitors the amicable debt recovery files entrusted to them, sends reminders at appropriate times and sees to the compliance with the granted repayment plans.

In the event the debtor does not follow up the amicable proceedings, if he contests the debt or simply refuses to pay, other proceedings (summons or recovery of undisputed commercial claims) must be considered. The staff of the office can assist you in the choice of the actions to be taken with respect to your files.


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